Dimension Door

Cloak of the Bat, Daggers, Dungeon Tiles.
Photographed by Liam Black.

Exhibition by Rainer Ciar and Marleena Oudomvilay, as part of the Kudos x Offsite Program. Made with assistance from Arc UNSW and Randwick Council. 2022.

Ceramic tiles, ceramic dice bowl, found objects, laser-cut acrylic blades, zines, party satin beaded soft sculptures.

Made as a reflection of their shared time playing Dungeons & Dragons, Dimension Door is a mix of sentimentality and self-reflection. Using the trope of ruins, the room grows littered with detritus from their fantasy games- the breaking down of boundaries and escape into shared fictions grows muddy as the outside world makes its way in. Letting these domains to crumble together, they mine the figments of fiction and reality to make their sculptural and illustrative work, and share their love for the game.

The exhibition also featured two workshops on character creation and playing Dnd.