Rainer Ciar is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and freelance illustrator living and working on Dharug Country (Western Sydney). Their diverse practice includes sculpture and installation, illustration, writing and a variety of digital art making methods as they continue to learn and explore different mediums.

Primarily interested in exploring the concepts of isolation, comfort, nostalgia, and fantasy, Rainer relates his work to his own experiences of gender and youth. Playing with visibility and abstraction in his work, he is interested in the narratives and relationships woven between object he creates, and is currently enthusiastic about continuing to explore the possibilities held within digital mediums.

    Rainer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at UNSW. They have participated in artist development at PariAri (The Ropes, 2022 with Samuel Kirby and Rebecca Gallo), and assisted with the student-run show the Anti-Annual (107 Projects, Airspace, Join the
Dots, and Flow Studios, 2021).